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[livejournal.com profile] mybigfatgleerpg // My Big Fat Glee RPG @ Facebook
All Warbler and New Direction canon is Nick's universe including his backstory above. He has just started dating Lauren Zizes, who called things off with Puck when he turned his attentions back to Quinn. However, things didn't work out there and after being diagnosed with diabetes, Nick went through a rough patch of confusion that led to his parents suggesting he go to stay with family in Italy for a good portion of the summer, and he was joined by his best friend, Jeff. Nick did a lot of soul-searching there, and after getting a bit tipsy at a party, kissed guy who was the friend of one of his cousins. It set of a whole new direction of feelings for Nick, and after even more soul-searching, he one day found himself kissing Jeff in the midst of a pillow fight and they discovered together there were a lot of deeper feelings there. They're now happily dating, and couldn't be more content together.

[livejournal.com profile] growingupglee // Growing Up Glee verse
A Glee canon verse, kicking off at the start of Season 3. With Blaine departing Dalton Academy, the Warblers were left without a lead singer and after some cutthroat auditions, Nick found himself scoring the role and having to step into the very sorely missed shoes of Blaine Anderson Warbler, who was now Blaine Anderson New Direction person and their toughest competition. All the Warblers stayed close friend with their ex-team mate, however, and couldn't have been happy when he decided to follow his heart to McKinley with Kurt. The Warblers were just left a little up in their air and concerned about their competition strength without their biggest talent, and Nick still feels nervous about being in the lead but has taken it in his stride.

He has also recently kicked off a new romance with his best friend and Dalton roomie, Jeff. Nick always suspected he was bisexual, but came out official over the summer before heading into his junior year at Dalton and Jeff proudly followed him out of the closet. Their romance is blossoming, though like any high school sweethearts, they have just as many teething problems and are still finding their feet when they aren't playing tonsil hockey or making out when they should be studying.

[livejournal.com profile] alwaysawarbler // Always a Warbler verse
Continues from Nick's background information HERE, except at the conception of this verse, he hasn't questioned his sexuality yet. Nick's a happy guy, most at peace when things are going smoothly for him and all his friends and family are happy. He is BFFs with Dalton room mate, [livejournal.com profile] warble_on_jeff, and they have been inseparable ever since they met on their first day at Dalton together.

After losing his virginity in a stupid drunken mistake at a New Year's party at the beginning of the year, Nick resolved to try and not to fall into the trap of reckless behaviour. And it was when the Warblers performed for the girls at Crawford Country Day that he met Abigail Jackson, who gave him her phone number after perving on him during the performance of Animal. With the urging of his Warbler mates, Nick plucked up the courage to call her and they really hit it off. They've been dating ever since, and Nick is happy enough for the moment, even if things are starting to get a little on the boring side. He hasn't slept with her, and he's not sure she even wants to, and their dates are limited due to her parents being quite strict about when she is allowed out. All in all, though, Nick's a content guy and happy to roll with what is in front of him at any given time. He enjoys dating and after watching Kurt and Blaine's relationship bloom, figures it must be some sort of work-in-progress to find perfection.

[livejournal.com profile] beyondmckinley // Beyond McKinley verse
After putting in the hard yards at Dalton, Nick decided to follow his dreams and embarked on a lengthy tour backpacking Europe and visiting the countries of his roots, Ireland and Italy. It was a dream Nick always had since he was young to experience all the famous artist sites of the world but he didn't want to do it alone, so he roped in best mate, [livejournal.com profile] warble_on_jeff to come with him. They have now come back to New York to attend college, Nick at New York Academy of Art, and have discovered they missed a HELL of a lot with their closet school friends in their backpacking absence. And in a completely unexpected turn of events, Nick discovered why alcohol should never be consumed when one was angry. After a fight about not only Jeff's girlfriend, but Nick's current fling with a paramedic, Nick and Jeff got blind drunk and low and behold, woke up the next morning hungover and covered in hickies after it became apparent Jeff maybe wasn't as striaght as he thought he was...

[livejournal.com profile] backwithbaggage // Back With Baggage verse
Life after high school should have been bright for Nick. He had always been so inspired and creative, wanting to see the world and absorb everything it had to offer him. Instead, however, was accepted at Berkeley College in New York City where he studied his Bachelor of Education and set on the path of doing his PhD in Language Education, specifically Italian. For those long years in the wake of high school, Nick worked his ass off and eventually graduated college and completed his PhD. He continued on the tiring academic as a college Professor at Princeton University teaching both the Bachelors and Masters programs in Italian and working casually as an Italian translator.

But life was never really happy for Nick. He existed and went through the motions, but never seemed to find his footing on a content personal life. Having harboured the secret through his Dalton years that he was bisexual and in love with his best friend, Jeff, Nick never managed to find the balls to come out to his friends at Dalton and never told Jeff his true feelings. The ripple effect of the massive argument between New Directions hit the Warblers due to how close they had become with Kurt and Blaine dating. When Nick left Dalton, he just lost touch with all his Warbler friends when he moved to the East Coast and he never quite got over his feelings for Jeff. The what-ifs and missed opportunities plagued him and he hated himself for not coming out in school. But he figured it was all done with and he had to live with his choices.

It a horrible twist of fate, Nick started dating a lawyer about nine years after leaving Dalton. It was his first committed same-sex relationship and in the early days, it was nice. Nick really thought he had been happy... until the guy started to become abusive and forced Nick to withdraw from all his family and friends. It went on for months with Nick unsure of how to get out of the trap, and then it all exploded one night where the guy took things just that little bit too far and Nick retaliated. Now, in a desperate cry for help, Nick has shown up in New York to see his old school friend, Blaine after seeing an ad on TV for a charity concert in the city without having any idea of just how tough life had gotten for all his old school friends over the years.

[livejournal.com profile] inloveinlondon // In Love In London verse
Nick always thought he wanted to go backpacking around Europe after he finished high school and focus on his art for a little while, but after realising he was bisexual in his Junior year and started dating his best friend, Jeff, he started wondering if he should maybe think about a better career. His choices stopped being about just him and became about him and Jeff, and whilst Jeff said he would happily go backpacking with him, Nick started seriously contemplating going to Med School.

He had been diagnosed with Type I diabetes shortly before he hooked up with Jeff and the medical side of things started to interest him. He didn't think he would end up in something mainstream, but he did start thinking about where he wanted to apply. Overseas was definitely an option, Nick's family always being well-travelled with them spread out over Italy and Ireland. When Blaine was put up for a scholarship at Oxford by Dalton's music professor, Nick turned his sights to London. He was accepted into King's College, and eventually graduated with his degree in Medicine and decided to specialise in Anaesthetics.

He is now working as a Resident in the Surgical Unit at the Royal London Hospital and lives in a small apartment in Greenwich with Jeff, who wasn't going to be left behind on the international fun. They make regular trips to Ireland and Italy to spend time with Nick's family and return home to America each summer to touch base. Like Kurt and Blaine, their relationship is as strong as ever and Nick can't ever imagine life without Jeff anymore, knowing he was the best thing to ever happen to him.

[livejournal.com profile] slidingmoments // Sliding Moments verse
Nick's time at Dalton Academy was pretty predictable as it turned out. He enjoyed being at boarding school and it was an awesome school with many great guys. The only blight on the whole experience was when Nick met [livejournal.com profile] warble_on_jeff the first day he arrived at Dalton. Nick still wasn't sure exactly what caused it, but they managed to completely rub each other up the wrong way and clashed spectacularly. By the end of the first week at the prestigious private all-boys school, they ended up in a fist-fight when they got allocated as room mates together which caused the Room Coordinator to have to split them up and put them on different floors of the dorms. No matter what they did, though, they ended up in the same classes, in the same places at the same time and forever just crossed each other's paths which led to the entirety of their high school years at each other's throats.

When it came time for them to audition for the Warblers, it became a cutthroat race over who would win the coverted spots first and fought it out until they both made it at the same time. When Nick had less auditions for solos than Jeff (3 versus 6), Nick took that as a sweet victory just for the hell of it. Nothing ever changed, and just to sweeten the whole deal, they ended up in another fight at Dalton's graduation ceremony and being pulled apart was the last thing Nick remembered about his high school nemesis before he left for Italy after scoring a place at the University of Florence to study a double degree in Arts and Language to study Visual Art and French. He lived in Italy the whole time, travelling around Europe during semester breaks and seeing the world just like he had always yearned.

Nick had come out as bi during his junior year at Dalton, and from there on became a bit of a known player. The dark and handsome half Irish, half Italian artist surfer from Florida seemed to attract a lot of attention, including dating a couple of Cheerios from McKinley after [livejournal.com profile] rockstarwarbler met [livejournal.com profile] jewhawk, and then dated Sugar Motta for a few months over the summer between junior and senior years, but she ended up doing his head in and he dumped her. Nick thrived on his travels but after he completed college, became extremely homesick for Florida and went home to Jacksonville. He started completing pieces of his work to a gallery in Miami and soon picked up a big demand for his pieces and took on consignments. A year after returning home, Nick applied for a job as a Court Translator to work at various jurisdictions in Florida with his bi-linguistics of Italian and French. He loves the job, and now spends his time focused on his job, his art, and his beloved surfing, now living with [livejournal.com profile] justwants2dance in a little apartment near Mike's college after they bumped into each other one night at a pulsing Miami Beach bar and probably getting into way more mischief than he should for a well-travelled college graduate.

[livejournal.com profile] fromlimatola // From Lima To LA verse
Nick's choice to go west in the wake of his McKinley friends more came with his acceptance into the Academy of Arts in San Francisco. It wasn't Los Angeles by any means, but it was exactly what Nick wanted to do and he was over the moon at his acceptance. He graduated with a major in Fine Art and a minor in Photography, which turned out to not be minor at all. After Kurt let him to use his supermodel self as a subject to hone his skills through the final years of college, Nick tapped into a style of photography with his artistic skills that soon had his work in much demand. And now, five years on from his Dalton life, he is a freelance photographer to the stars, and is regularly booked for shoots with Kurt and other top models.

His college and career aside, however, Nick's lovelife has always been the strongest part of him. After discovering in his junior year that he was bisexual and in love with his best mate, Jeff, on a trip to Italy to spend the summer with Nick's family, they hooked up and dated right up until their Dalton graduation. Then, in a burst of romance, Nick threw caution to the wind and got down on one knee to propose to Jeff, and asked him to come west with him so they didn't have to be apart. They took a trip to New York to tie the knot before they moved on to a new life on the west coast in San Francisco.

Now Nick has finally graduated and the couple, in their fourth happily married year, have moved on to live in Los Angeles to be closer to their friends and they couldn't be more content. Nick adores being married, like he always knew he would be, and has adapted to the California lifestyle like a duck to water with his husband at his side.

[livejournal.com profile] gleecollegedays // Glee College Days verse
Info coming soon...

[livejournal.com profile] gleeathogwarts // Glee at Hogwarts verse
Nick was born and raised in a small characteristic Irish town called Athlone to Irish Muggle father and Italian Pure-Blood mother. He comes from a huge family on both sides and has three younger sisters and a younger brother, all who are witches and wizards. Nick's a pretty sound wizard, but his talent lies in a deep passion for art. He hopes to become an artist after school, or follow in his mother's footsteps and become a Healer. He is happy to just get decent grades and enjoys the social side of school rather than going to class, and appreciates the beauty and amazing history of Hogwarts as an inspiration for his art.

He is a Gryffindor Prefect and on the Quidditch team as a Chaser, which is always good for a laugh. One of his closest friends is Gryff Seeker and Captain, Blaine, who helped Nick out of a tight spot during Nick's first year at Hogwarts when he nearly got attacked by some creature he didn't even recognise on the edge of the Dark Forest. He an Blaine have been good friends ever since, though recently Nick has noticed Blaine has been distracted by something he doesn't seem to want to talk about.

However, Nick's BFF in the whole wide world is Jeff Hinton, who he met when they were just six years old when Jeff's family came to holiday in Athlone. The boys struck up a friendship in the playground, and Jeff's family enjoy the town so much, they made it a regular activity to holiday there with the boys meeting up every time. By the time they were old enough, their parents let them start Owling each other and they were over the moon when they both got their Hogwarts letters to discover they would be starting the same time. The whole Hogwarts Express trip they hoped and prayed they would be in the same House, and they didn't even care which. They just wanted to be together, and the Sorting Hat thought they belonged as a unit and put them both in Gryffindor.

Once puberty hit, though, Jeff was the first person Nick confessed to that he liked both boys and girls, and it seemed like a natural progession that when curiosity about sex set in, they experimented together. They've now been dating for some time, which basically just means they're still BFFs but in love. It was probably always destined for them, but despite their romantic like, they still manage to get into typical mischief regularly that rivals that of the infamous Weasley Twins.

[livejournal.com profile] gleesanatomy // Glee's Anatomy RPG
It was Nick's dream is to become an artist, and even dabble in comics like his idol Stan Lee. He loves all forms of art; drawing, painting, sketching, cartoons, and he can often be found randomly sketching people just to keep his hands occupied. However, life didn't take him in that direction. After his father had a heart attack in his senior year of high school, Nick was with him when the flight EMS arrived to transport him to the cardiac unit in Florida. Nick was fascinated and it was then that his choice to become a Critical Care Flight Medic came about. He did his Bachelor of Science in Nursing, graduating as a Registered Nurse and went on to further train as a Critical Care Medic. He is now based in Columbus, Ohio, and works for all major hospitals in the state, including William McKinley General Hospital. Life was pretty ordinary for Nick until he met Artie Abrams' sister, Emma, and fell in love for the second time in his life and they got as far as to get engaged when she fell pregnant. Unfortunately, it all turned sour when, just nine months after giving birth, she started cheating on Nick with one of her colleagues and ran away to LA with him, leaving Nick literally holding the baby. He is now a single dad, surviving the best he can with his two year old son, Rory, and doing whatever it takes to be the best father he can be.

Canon / Open
Nick is a Warbler as per canon and references only canon events and his background above. Can be assumed to know other canon Warblers or New Directions members as per their canon interactions seen to date. Jeff the Warbler is his best friend.

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