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Name:Nick Matheson
Birthdate:Aug 19
Location:Westerville, Ohio, United States of America
Website:nickthewarbler @

nick the warbler.

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Nicholas Seamus Benito Matheson grew up in Jacksonville Florida, but he was born in Orlando when his mom went into premature labor during a trip to Disneyworld. He is half Italian (from his mom's side) and half Irish (from his dad's), but their family have been in America since well before Nick arrived in the world. He is the oldest of five children, with three younger sisters and one younger brother (Skye 13, Julia 10, Katrina 8, and Harry 6) and it was a difficult push for him to move away to Ohio to attend Dalton Academy but his parents wanted him to have the best education they could afford. Nick boards at Dalton and travels home to Florida during breaks. Nick follows in his mom's footsteps with artistic talent, and she is now an art professor at the University of Florida, whilst his father is a newspaper editor.

Nick's dream is to become an artist, and even dabble in comics like his idol Stan Lee. He loves all forms of art; drawing, painting, sketching, cartoons, and he can often be found randomly sketching people just to keep his hands occupied. His second love is, without a doubt, performing and he would love to try his hand at acting one day. Basically, unless he is doing something creative, he is miserable, which is why the Warblers was right up his alley. He joined in his sophomore year, being a little on the nervous and shy side to come up against the talent when he first arrived at Dalton. He adores glee club and the style the Warblers have, and the members are without a doubt his closest mates, with a real comaraderie and mateship between them all.

Nick's not exactly shy, but he has his nervous moments. He doubts himself and his abilities on occasion and has to keep reminding himself that it's a tough world full of challenges out there. He is a sweet and friendly guy, and will basically talk to anyone if they talk back. He does have a nerd streak with his love for comics and sci-fi movies, but he doesn't go into overdrive with it. He expresses himself best through his art or performing, and be a little clueless and bashful with girls if the approach him to strike up a conversation.

He was undecided on his sexuality, and lost his virginity at a New Year's party as they rang in 2011... he can barely remember it and regrets every minute. He thought he's probably straight, but it was inevitable he was headed for a wave of bicuriosity at some point. It just turns out that said experimentation turned out to be with his best mate during an intensive pillow fight one night where Nick plucked up the courage to plant a kiss on his best mate, Jeff... and the rest is history.

A member of the Dalton Academy Warblers, friends with all of them. Getting to know McKinley and New Directions students through Kurt and Blaine. His best friend is fellow Warbler, Jeff, and they share a room together at Dalton Academy. In Nick's junior year, he discovered he was bisexual and he and Jeff started a relationship together which is going strong. Nick's Jeff is, always will be, Jeff Hinton.

Not Nick Warbler, not Curt Mega, not affiliated with Glee. Just for RP only.

Muse and mun are both over 18 years of age and consenting adults.

You can find all of Nick's verse information HERE. He has quite a few across the board and all are very Niff-heavy, ship wise :)

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